Country Profile

1. Overall environment

Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil, is the largest country in both South America and Latin America, occupying a large part along the eastern coast of South America, and covering an area of more than 8.5 million square kilometers. The population of more than 200 million is heavily concentrated on the coast, where a dozen major metropolitan areas with populations of a million or more offer direct access to the Atlantic Ocean, and Portuguese is the official language of Brazil.

2.Major trading partners

China, United States, Germany, Argentina, South Korea, Netherlands, Japan,etc.

3.E-commerce popularity

Online shopping in Brazil is even bigger and more mobile-oriented. In 2020, its online shopping revenue amounted to 126.3 billion Brazilian reals, more than twice as much as two years earlier. Sales through mobile devices–known as m-commerce–generated most of the South American country’s e-commerce revenue in 2020, a trend set to increase in the near future.

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The top exports of Brazil
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Competitive Industries


Large agricultural country with products such as soybeans, coffee, tobacco, cocoa, beef, poultry, and oilseeds.

Mining industry

The world's second largest exporter of iron ore, and a major producer of copper, gold, and aluminum, and the trade surplus in the mining industry has been increasing year after year.


Brazil's crude oil exports amounted to $24.3 billion.

Information and Communications Technology

Exports of integrated circuits amounted to $3.83 billion.

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