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881 Million Dollars! Two PetroChina Overseas Company Bids

The owners of the Beninese and Niger oil pipeline sections of the Beninese and West African oil pipelines respectively won the bid of the Niger oil pipeline project. The total amount of the contract is 881 million US dollars (about 5.754 billion RMB).

Nibe pipeline project is an important part of Niger agadem oilfield phase II development surface engineering and pipeline construction integration project. The starting point of nibe pipeline is located at the first station of agadem oil area in Difa province in Southeast Niger, and the terminal point is located at Saimei terminal station of Cotonou port in weime Province in Southeast Coastal area of Benin.The total length of the onshore pipeline is 1950km, including 1275km in Niger and 675km in Benin. The pipe diameter is 508mm, the design pressure is 9ma, the pipeline material is X65, and the buried laying method is adopted. A total of 9 process stations, 59 block valve chambers, 19 cathodic protection stations and offshore terminal engineering are set up along the whole line.

The bid winning content of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau Engineering Co., Ltd. is the Niger pipeline section, with a total length of 1275km; the bid winning content of China Petroleum Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. is the Beninese pipeline section and the Niger river crossing section, with a total length of 675km.The contract period is tentatively 42 months (including 12 months of warranty period).

Source: Belt and Road Financial Project

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