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Latest Progress of BASF Gasma MDI Capacity Doubling Project

The capacity expansion project for MDI at BASF's Verbund plant in geismar, Louisiana, is on schedule.

Over time, BASF aims to double its capacity from 300000 tons a year to about 600000 tons a year. By gradually increasing capacity, BASF will support the continued growth of its MDI customers in North America.

"The North American MDI market and our customers remain our focus and we are looking for this investment to support their growth," said Ramkumar dhruva, President of BASF`s monomer division. BASF supports customer growth by providing innovative polyurethane solutions to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Examples of improved lightweight insulation materials for automotive and industrial buildings.

"The gasma base is well suited for this investment because of its existing infrastructure, competitive raw materials and continued strong business support from state and local governments. Through this complex, BASF will continue to be the leading MDI supplier in North America and even in the world. "

The first stage is the construction of a new MDI synthesis unit, which has been completed and put into operation. At the same time, an old MDI synthesis device will no longer be used.

Although the real-time capacity increase is limited, the new MDI production unit lays the foundation for future growth through the increase of upstream unit capacity.

The second phase of construction is currently in progress, and BASF will expand several upstream units, which will increase the total MDI production of gasma complex by about one third.

The second phase is expected to start in the second half of 2021.

The potential final stage goal is to complete by the middle of the decade. It is estimated that the project will make MDI capacity reach about 600000 tons / year.

Source: Refining and Chemical Trends

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巴斯夫单体部门总裁拉姆库马尔·德鲁瓦(Ramkumar Dhruva)表示:“北美MDI市场和我们的客户仍然是我们关注的重点,我们正在寻求这项投资来支持他们的增长。”巴斯夫通过提供创新的聚氨酯解决方案,减少能源消耗和碳排放,支持客户增长。一些例子包括改进的建筑物隔热材料和汽车工业的轻质材料。”






潜在的最后阶段目标是在2025年前(by the middle of the decade)完成。预计该项目将使MDI产能达到约60万吨/年。