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Egypt Plans to Upgrade Two Refineries; International Bidding for Ruziz Phase III Hydropower Station in Rwanda

Egypt plans to upgrade two refineries, APRC and SOPC

The U.S. trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has provided two funds totaling US $1.4 million to Egypt's Amreia refining company (APRC) and Suez petroleum processing company (SOPC) for the feasibility study of refinery upgrading.

The purpose of upgrading the APRC refinery is to increase refining efficiency by 25% and reduce emissions by 20%. The purpose of upgrading SOPC refinery is to improve the total refining capacity, increase the output of gasoline, and require the quality to meet the international fuel standards. UOP undertakes the feasibility study of two refineries.

International EPC bidding for Ruziz phase III hydropower station in Rwanda

The international EPC bidding of Ruziz phase III hydropower station in Rwanda is located in the Ruziz phase III area on the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Interested international contractors can submit the bidding intention of EPC project.

The project is a public-private partnership with a planned installed capacity of about 149 MW. The private sector project was initiated by Kenya industrial promotion services and SN Power of Norway.

The project is located on the Ruziz River on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda.

The EPC contract will include the design, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of a 45m high dam, associated spillway, low water level outlet and eco flow power station, a 3.8 km long, 6-7 m diameter concrete lined diversion tunnel, penstock and unit penstock from the dam reservoir to the power station, the power station and the switch yard, connecting Ruzizi 8.3 km long 220 kV double circuit transmission line at substation III and kamanyola (DRC) regional dispatching station, bugarama (RWANDA) and kamanyola (DRC) access to the dam site and all ancillary and associated works.

The power station is equipped with three generating units with an installed capacity of at least 150 MW.

Ruzizi III Energy Limited will prequalify contractors and consortia for the RIII-EPC contract. Prequalification documents will be provided free of charge in electronic format in the dedicated virtual data room. Interested applicants can request access to VDR by email to the following address, where all prequalification documents are sent.

Source: development of refining and chemical industry

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该项目是一个公私合作项目,计划装机容量约149兆瓦。私营部门项目发起人是肯尼亚工业促进服务公司和挪威SN Power公司。


EPC合同将包括45m高的堤坝、相关溢洪道、低水位出口和生态流发电站的设计、采购、施工、测试和调试,这是一个长3.8km、直径6-7m、从大坝水库到发电站的混凝土衬砌引水隧洞、压力管道和机组压力管道,发电站和开关站,连接Ruzizi III变电站和Kamanyola(DRC)区域调度站的8.3km长的220kV双回路输电线路,Bugarama(卢旺达)和Kamanyola(DRC)到坝址的通道,以及所有附属和相关工程。


Ruzizi III能源有限公司将对RIII-EPC合同的承包商和财团进行资格预审。资格预审文件将在专用虚拟数据室免费提供电子格式。感兴趣的申请人可通过发送电子邮件至以下地址请求访问VDR,所有资格预审文件也发到此邮箱。