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French and Korean teams bid for $1.8 billion Vietnam refinery expansion project

Two companies are in the race for a $1.8bn contract to upgrade and expand Vietnam’s Dung Quat refinery in the central province of Quang Ngai.

The refinery, which is owned by the Binh Son Refinery group, was built by French engineer Technip and completed in February 2009. The aim is to increase capacity 145,000 barrels a day to around 190,000, and to allow the refinery to process more types of crude oil.
Technip is heading one of the consortiums that have entered bids for the work. The other is led by Hyundai Engineering and Construction of Korea.
The winner of the EPC contract is expected to begin work in August next year. Binh Son Group originally agreed to give the expansion work to Russia’s Gazprom Neft, but this fell through in 2016. As well as the engineering work, Gazprom was to acquire a 49% stake in Binh Son, which is a subsidiary of state-owned energy company PetroVietnam.
Dung Quat is one of Vietnam’s two refineries, together with the 200,000 barrel level Nghi Son plant


Zijin Mining invested US $265 million to rebuild a copper smelter in Serbia

October 9 – Zijin Bor Copper, the Serbian unit of China's Zijin Mining Group, plans to invest a total of $265 million (225 billion euro) in the reconstruction of the Bor copper smelter.
The company started the project in September, two months ahead of schedule, due to the increased flue gas emissions caused by a malfunction in the plant equipment, which negatively affected air quality in Bor, Zijin Bor Copper said in the latest edition of corporate newsletter Kolektiv.
Zijin Bor Copper plans to complete the reconstruction of the Bor copper smelter by the end of 2022 and will attach priority to the installation of a flue gas capturing and desulphurisation system, which will be completed by the end of 2021.
So far, the company has invested a total of $38.15 million in environmental improvements and plans to make further $120 million investments in the field throughout the working life of the mine.
According to media reports, the Bor city government has filed a criminal complaint against Zijin after measuring stations of the country's Environmental Protection Agency registered excessive SO2 levels for three days in a row in September.
Zijin Bor Copper's deputy managing director Simon Ling said in June that the company plans to invest $1.26 billion in capacity and equipment overhaul, as well as environmental and safety improvements at the Bor mining complex.


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两家公司正在就一份价值18亿美元的合同展开竞争,以升级和扩建越南中部广安省的Dung Quat炼油厂。

这座炼油厂隶属于Binh Son炼油集团,由法国工程师德希尼布建造,于2009年2月完工。项目的目标是将日产量14.5万桶提高到19万桶左右,并允许炼油厂加工更多类型的原油。德希尼布是其中一个公司的领导者,并已经对这项工程进行了投标。另一家由韩国现代工程建设公司领导。EPC合同的获胜者预计将于明年8月开工年。Binh Son最初同意将扩建工程交给俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom Neft),但这一计划在2016年落空。除了工程建设,俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司还将收购越南国家能源公司子公司Binh Son49%的股份,包括位于越南的炼油厂Dung Quat,及20万桶产量级别的Nghi Son工厂。


10月9日消息,紫金矿业集团塞尔维亚子公司紫金博尔铜业计划投资2.65亿美元(约合2250亿欧元)重建博尔铜冶炼厂。紫金博尔铜业在最新一期企业通讯《Kolektiv》中称,由于电厂设备故障导致烟气排放量增加,对博尔的空气质量造成负面影响,公司于9月启动了该项目,比原计划提前了两个月。据介绍,紫金博尔铜业计划在2022年底前完成博尔铜冶炼厂的改造,并将优先安装烟气捕集和脱硫系统,该系统将于2021年底完成。该公司补充说,到目前为止,该公司已经在环境改善方面投资了3815万美元,并计划在矿山的整个工作周期内对该领域再进行1.2亿美元的投资。据媒体报道,在环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency)的测量站在9月份连续三天登记二氧化硫浓度超标后,博尔市政府已对紫金提起刑事诉讼。紫金博尔铜业副总经理西蒙凌(Simon Ling)今年6月表示,公司计划投资12.6亿美元进行产能和设备检修,以及改善博尔矿业综合体的环境和安全。