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Recent Progress of New Material Projects in China

Sinopec to build 70 billion new chemical materials base in Tianjin

Tianjin municipal government and Sinopec signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on June 27. According to the agreement, the two sides jointly promote cooperation in petrochemical, natural gas, hydrogen energy and other fields, so as to build Tianjin Nangang industrial zone into a new chemical material base and chemical products logistics and sales center in North China.

Sinopec's enterprises in Tianjin have assets of more than 70 billion yuan. According to the agreement, Sinopec will plan to invest 70 billion yuan in key projects during the "14th five year plan".The two sides will jointly promote the construction of 1.2 million tons / year ethylene and downstream high-end new materials industrial cluster project of Tianjin Petrochemical South Port, Sinopec Tianjin LNG phase III expansion and cold energy comprehensive utilization project, Sinopec Beihua Institute pilot base project, Sinopec lubricating oil base project and Sinopec hydrogen energy industry cultivation and application project construction, so as to further promote the transformation and upgrading of Tianjin petrochemical industry, which further promote the transformation and upgrading of Tianjin petrochemical industry.

Cedar holdings 12.2 billion new chemical materials project

On June 24, Cedar holdings and Qinzhou Municipal Government of Guangxi Province formally signed the "investment cooperation agreement". The agreement shows that Cedar holdings will build a new chemical materials base in Qinzhou Petrochemical Industrial Park, with a total investment of about 12.2 billion yuan and a construction period of three years. After completion, it will achieve an average annual sales revenue of 15 billion yuan.The two sides said that they would work together to create a Green Petrochemical ecosystem by deepening the coordinated development of upstream and downstream industrial projects, and make the project a model for ASEAN cooperation and opening up.

The new material base projects of light hydrocarbon downstream invested and constructed include:

The investment of the first phase project is about 3.2 billion yuan, and the average annual sales revenue is about 4 billion yuan after completion. The construction contents include: 100000 tons / year maleic anhydride project, 80000 tons / year methyl ethyl ketone project, 200000 tons / year nitrile rubber latex project, as well as related supporting tank farm and sewage reuse devices.

The investment of phase II project is about 9 billion yuan, and the average annual sales revenue is about 11 billion yuan after completion. The construction contents include: 450 thousand tons / year propane dehydrogenation project, 300 thousand tons / year oxygen water method propylene oxide project, 200 thousand tons / year isononyl alcohol project, etc.

At the same time, according to the local resource conditions, raw material matching capacity progress and relevant product market conditions, the project will consider the construction of new material projects such as degradable plastics and unsaturated polyester resin at the right time, so as to further extend and expand the industrial chain and better serve the downstream market of South China.It is preliminarily planned to build 50000 T / a polylactic acid project, 60000 T / a PBAT project and 200000 t / a unsaturated polyester resin project.

Pingmei Shenma Group 5.1 billion Guangshan new material industrial park project launched

On the morning of January 17, the launching ceremony of Guangshan new material industrial park project of China Pingmei Shenma Group was held at the site of Guangshan new material industrial park project.

The project is mainly constructed in three phases, with a total investment of 5.1 billion yuan, and the estimated annual output value is about 10 billion yuan. The construction of Guangshan new material industrial park is an important part of the strategic layout of the group`s development of new energy and new materials industry in the southeast of Henan Province.

The industrial park is positioned as high-tech materials, and its products are initially planned as superhard materials and products.The main development direction is superhard new materials and products, the production of diamond, diamond cutting line, precision mold, wear-resistant coating and other new materials, as well as high-end nylon, battery electrode manufacturing, polycrystalline diamond powder and other high-tech products.


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