Dear members of EPEC,

In order to overcome current difficulties on the import and export trade of the world brought by COVID-19, and help members to explore overseas client resources and expand the global market through the online channels of EPEC platform, the resource exchange function of EPEC Chinese site and international site has been officially launched!

The suppliers of EPEC global site can push online products to EPEC Chinese site, and show them to the Chinese buyers of EPEC platform. Meanwhile, international buyers can directly explore the premium Chinese suppliers and products on EPEC global site pushed from EPEC Chinese site to expand and upgrade the supply chain. In the process of promoting, EPEC platform provides translation tools to solve the language problems; at the same time, SINOPEC International Co., LTD, as the procurement manager, will guide users to push products and review the quality of product listing to ensure that the process is efficient and smooth. EPEC international site currently has language versions of English, Russian and Spanish, with a transaction volume of 17.8 billion US dollars in 2019. The exchange of resources between the Chinese and English site will greatly enrich the international market trade opportunities of both global and Chinese suppliers.

Best Wishes

EPEC E-commerce Co., LTD