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New Overseas Projects Signed by Energy China and Sinopec Have Started

1) Project name: Sino-Russian Amur Natural Gas Chemical Complex Project

Contractor: jointly developed by Sinopec and Russia SIBU

Project progress: officially started

Project Overview: the project is located in the Amur Region of the Russian Far East, about 150 to 200 kilometers to the north of Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province. The designed production capacity is 2.3 million tons/year polyethylene and 400,000 tons/year polypropylene. The scale of the plant is among the top in the world. It is the largest chemical cooperation project between Russia and Russia. After completion, it will become one of the world's largest polymer factories.

Contract value: about 230 million euros. Sinopec holds 40% of the shares in the project.

Project construction period: 5 years

Operation period: Estimated in 2025

2) Project name: No. 5 bid section of Dominica EIB power distribution upgrade project

Contractor: Shandong Power Construction No. 1 Company

Project progress: under construction

Source of funding: European Investment Bank of Dominica

Contract type: DBB model (Design-Bid-build model)

Duration: 12-19 months

Project Overview: the project has 5 bidding sections, covering 23 operating areas, including the renovation and construction of 12.48 kV medium voltage and low 7.2 kV distribution network, and the installation of power supply points, street lights and other sub-items.

This project is the companys first project in the field of power grids in the Dominican Republic. It is also the first multilateral bank project and the first contract whose value exceeds ten million dollars since 1 May 2018 when the Peoples Republic of China and Dominican Republic established diplomatic relations. It has great strategic significance for the long term.

3) Project name: Singapore Tengge Reservoir 60MW Waterborne Photovoltaic Project

Client: National Water Authority of Singapore

Signatories: Energy China Shanxi Institute

Project development: BOO (building-owning-operation) model

Project progress: under construction

Project Overview: the project is located on the northwest side of Singapore, close to the Strait of Johor and the border between Singapore and Malaysia. The planned installation capacity is 60 MW, which is the largest floating photovoltaic project currently planned in Singapore. The power generation capacity will meet 7% of the annual energy demand of Singapore Water Authority.

During the project development process, Shanxi Institute signed a joint agreement with Singapore Sembcorp Group. According to the agreement, Shanxi Institute was responsible for bidding and implementation after wining the bidding for the EPC part of the project.

Source: The Belt and Road Initiative Financial Project

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& 项目开发过程中,山西院与新加坡胜科集团签订联合协议,根据协议,山西院负责项目EPC部分的投标及中标实施。