During the outbreak of the coronavirus, Epec fully utilized its full industrial chain resources and effectively coordinated anti-virus materials and production worldwide. Now Epec global platform has launched self-run face mask export business and provides full-process international trade services to overseas needed parties, helping people all over the world go over the hard time.

Mask Type: Disposable Medical/Surgical Face Mask

Execution Standard: CE/FDA

For governments, enterprises and other organizations that have mask procurement demand, please contact us as soon as possible by email (global.epec@sinopec.com, wzzhangmm@sinopec.com or wzliuy@sinopec.com) or phone (Ms. Zhang +86 15110279779, Ms.Liu +86 18311300792). We will stand by your side to help the fight against the coronavirus!

During the outbreak of the coronavirus in China, anti-virus materials was in a serious shortage. Epec platform made full use of Sinopec's comprehensive supply chain and resource mobilizing capabilities to dispatch raw material resources such as melt-blown non-woven filter globally. Epec efficiently completed the entire industrial chain set up from raw material polypropylene, to melt-blown non-woven filter and face masks, helping Sinopec launch mask production lines in a very short time. At the same time, in the manner of industrial chain collaboration, EPEC increased the production of face masks by tens of millions.

Now the virus is breaking out worldwide after it is relatively stabilized in China. Epec actively used its resource mobilizing capabilities to organize domestic high-quality mask supply to overseas related parties. During the process, we have overcome difficulties such as the extremely shortage of international flights, and delivered high-quality anti-virus materials to the demand side. Epec completed the entire supply process from raw material coordination, mask production, lock logistics resources, to organization of customs clearance within 10 days, which fully presented our strong ability in resource acquisition and international trade. Up to now, Epec has completed the supply of the first batch of masks to the Bavarian government of Germany, and is working on the face mask procurement of large international companies. During this tough time, Epec will stand by the side of overseas related parties to fight against the virus.