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On February 28, Liaodongwan Administrative Committee of Panjin City released the first announcement of public participation in the environmental impact assessment of changes in the fine chemicals and raw materials engineering projects of China North Industries Group. Main contents of the announcement are as follows:

Project Introduction:

1. Project Name: Changes in the Fine Chemicals and Raw Materials Engineering Project of China North Industries Group

2. Project Nature: Reconstruction and Expansion

3. Construction unit: North Huajin Chemical Industry Group Corporation

4. Existing projects and environmental protection situation: The existing projects of Northern Huajin Chemical Industry Group Corporation are located in Panjin Fine Chemical Industry Development Zone, with a crude oil processing capacities of 5 million tons/year and related downstream steam facilities are also constructed. The zone is equipped with supporting storage and transportation tank areas, public works and environmental protection facilities; exhaust gas, wastewater, and noise can be discharged after taking appropriate environmental protection measures; solid wastes are comprehensively utilized or safely disposed of.

5. Construction content and scale: The project is undergoing environmental impact assessment changes. After the adjustment, the project will mainly include the refining section, the chemical section and the public works.

The refining section will build 20 new sets of process units, including a 15 million tons/year atmospheric decompression device, light hydrocarbon recovery device, coal diesel hydro treating device, diesel hydrocracking device, etc.

The chemical section will build 15 new process units, including a 1.5 million tons/year of steam cracking unit, hexene-1 unit, ethylene glycol unit, etc.

The public works include public and auxiliary facilities such as power stations, air separation and compression stations, transformer substations, chemical water stations, condensate stations, circulating water fields, storage and transportation systems, and torch systems.

Construction site: Key construction area of Liaodongwan New District, Panjin City, Liaoning Province, with a total area of 866.78 hectares.

Total project investment: RMB 76.4 billion

Saudi Arabian Petroleum Corporation (also known as Saudi Aramco), China North Industries Group, and Liaoning Panjin Xincheng Group Co., Ltd. are going to jointly establish Huajin Amei Petrochemical Co., Ltd., with registered address in Panjin City, Liaoning Province. The three parties respectively hold 35%, 36%, and 29% of the shares. Once built, the company will become the largest Chinese-foreign joint venture and the total investment of the project will exceed 10 billion US dollars.

The joint venture will contract to construct and operate this integrated refining and chemical project. The project includes 15 million tons/year of refining plant, 1.5 million tons/year of ethylene plant, and 1.3 million tons/year of paraxylene plant. Saudi Aramco will provide up to 70% of the crude oil and the joint venture is expected to start operation in 2024.


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