Epec Global Information Service- Project Information-No. 4, 2020(中文版请见底部)

Project Name

4 million tons / year heavy oil and coal deep processing integrated project in Bazhou

Project Location

This project is located in the Korla Petroleum and Petrochemical Industrial Park in Bazhou. The Bazhou Korla Petroleum and Petrochemical Industrial Park is located approximately 65km west of the city of Korla, the capital of Xinjiang Bayingoleng Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture.

Project Summary

This project is a newly-built project with a total investment of approximately 19.912 billion yuan.

Project Background

Zhongtai Group currently has an annual output of 1.2 million tons of PTA projects. In order to meet the raw material requirements of the project, it plans to invest in the construction of heavy oil and coal deep processing integrated projects based on the abundant petroleum and coal resources in Xinjiang . Although Xinjiang is a large oil-producing region, most of the petroleum in the region is heavy oil, which is difficult to process. Zhongtai Group is making every effort to promote the project's pilot test, project feasibility study report preparation, project environmental assessment and safety assessment. On January 18, Xinjiang Zhongtai (Group) Co., Ltd. Bazhou 4 million tons / year of heavy oil and coal deep processing integration project core technology expert consultation meeting was held in Beijing. On January 22, the first information disclosure of Xinjiang Zhongtai (Group) Co., Ltd. Bazhou 4 million tons / year heavy oil and coal deep processing integrated project environmental impact assessment was opened for public participation.

Project Details

This project uses heavy oil and coal as raw materials, and uses oil-coal co-refining technology to produce clean gasoline, diesel, para-xylene, benzene, propane, butane and other products. The production equipment includes raw coal treatment, raw oil treatment, and slurry bed hydrogenation, Hydrocracking, combined aromatics (including prehydrogenation, continuous reforming, aromatics extraction, disproportionation and transalkylation, isomerization, xylene fractionation), isomerization, coal-to-hydrogen (including gasification, conversion, acid gas removal, PSA hydrogen concentration), PSA hydrogen concentration, light hydrocarbon recovery, gas separation, sulfur recovery combination (including solvent regeneration, acid water stripping, phenol recovery, sulfur recovery), oil residue molding, air separation, etc .; Supporting storage and transportation facilities include coal unloading and storage facilities, tank farms (raw material tank farms, intermediate tank farms, product tank farms, acid and alkali tank farms), automobile loading and unloading facilities, train loading and unloading facilities, oil and gas recovery facilities, plant-wide warehouses, and hazardous chemical warehouses, hazardous waste temporary storage rooms, etc. Public works include water supply and drainage systems (water supply pump stations, circulating water fields, sewage treatment fields, rainwater monitoring ponds, emergency storage ponds, etc.), power supply systems (main substations, areas and units) change ), heating systems (chemical water treatment stations, condensate stations, etc.), telecommunications and fire alarm systems, gas supply systems (air compressor stations), etc., auxiliary facilities include torch facilities, central control room, central laboratory, environmental monitoring Stations, fire and gas defense stations, maintenance centers, administrative offices, cafeterias, and bathrooms. At the same time, the project plans to build the off-site railways, off-site highways, off-site thermal power centers, off-site water supply and drainage facilities, off-site general solid waste landfills, and off-site hazardous waste disposal facilities based on the industrial park.









中泰集团现有年产120万吨PTA项目,为满足项目原料需求,计划依托新疆区域的丰富石油煤炭资源,投资建设重油和煤炭深加工一体化项目。新疆虽是产油大区,但区内石油多为重油,较难加工。中泰集团正在全力推进项目中试、项目可研报告编制及项目环评、安评等各项工作。1月18日,新疆中泰(集团)有限责任公司巴州年产400万吨重油和煤炭深加工一体化项目核心技术专家咨询会在北京召开。 1月22日,新疆中泰(集团)有限责任公司巴州400 万吨/年重油和煤炭深加工一体化项目环境影响评价公众参与第一次信息公示。






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