I. Introduction

Epec can provide suppliers with supply chain financial service through cooperative banks. The service is designed to support development of upstream enterprises, reduce their financing cost and improve financing efficiency.

When suppliers apply for bank financing, Epec will genuinely share previous transaction records on Epec's platform to the bank, so as to simplify the necessary documents and reduce the standard of guarantee and mortgages. In this way, it may ensure a faster approval and increase the credit amount to facilitate financing for suppliers based on the transactions on Epec's platform.

II. How to be qualified for supply chain financial service

The financing applicants (suppliers) need to get registered on Epec's platform and pass identity authentication before they apply for supply chain financial service.

III. How to apply for financial service

(I) Submit application for financing (credit) by suppliers

The supplier need to complete the financing application and submit it to the bank though Epec’s supply chain financial service system.

(II) Consult on the state of credit application

The supplier can consult whether the application is approved on the supply chain financial service system.

(III) Cancel the credit application

The supplier can cancel the submitted credit application and inquire state of cancellation.

(IV) Adjust credit line

The supplier can submit the adjustment of credit line and inquire about state of adjustment approval.

(V) Inquire information about credit line, loan, repayment and OBS, etc.

The supplier can inquire on Epec supply chain financial service system about the following information: credit line, use of credit line, bank loan release, repayment, OBS and so on.

IV. Partner banks

V. Contact

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